About Us

We have a bone to pick with the West Coast.

Yeah, we get that you SoCal riders enjoy year-around riding, and that's cool. Truth is: some of our New England die-hard fans ride through four seasons—and we think they deserve a fair shake. The Northeast is home to just as wild and unpredictable of a motorcycle community. We just haven't been doing a great job at letting the world know it. So, California, consider yourself warned. We're coming for you.


Our contributors

Our Philosophy

The Northeast Moto Society is an enthusiast-organized group uniting New England motorcyclists and connecting them with other enthusiasts. We are an inclusive group that welcomes riders of all color, gender, origin, brands and terrain. We believe that the variety within motorcycling fuels the the hobby and that introducing riders to a different facet of the sport strengthens the community. Our goal is to strengthen the group by expanding the world of the individual motorcyclist—whether they are new to the lifestyle or are a seasoned enthusiast.

Our Background

As a transplant to New Hampshire, Wookie Jones could see that there was a booming community of motorcyclists in New England beyond his immediate friends, but he wasn't sure how to go about meeting them. He launched a simple Facebook Group from his garage and asked some of the members if they wanted to meet up at the coffee shop in town and talk bikes. They did, and it turned into a weekly meet and some close friends. They decided to get organized and take this movement to the rest of New England and help other enthusiasts find the same community. 


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This is a passion thing. Sure, the motorcycling is fun. And, yes, motorcycling is great. But at it's core, the reason so many friendships are born from the hobby is that it's a common ground for people who see a higher-level of risk as a worthwhile payoff for a higher-level of living. We see connecting these people as a worthwhile effort. Our community consists of riders, wrenchers, and people just considering getting into the sport.

We're always looking for ways to benefit our members, so if you own a shop or business, or would like to support the cause reach out to us.